Kyoko Tsuchiya, LMFT (MFC 51963)
San Francisco bay area, California

Specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Trauma and PTSD, and Multicultural Counseling.

Services can be offered in English and Japanese.
For a free initial consultation by phone, please contact me.


Perhaps you have landed on this site because something in your life is not working the way you want. If you are:
  • feeling lonely, emotionally stuck, depressed, or anxious
  • struggling in your relationship, with your job or your health
  • looking for more meaning in your life
  • going through challenging life transitions
  • suffering from a loss of loved one or the consequence of a trauma
It’s important to know that help is available and you don’t have to solve it alone. I can help you identify what’s not working, guide you in discovering and strengthening your existing resources and assist you in developing new capacity and strategies to meet life’s challenges. Psychotherapy that integrates body, mind and spirit can help you move beyond the problems to release the creative energy, optimism and hope necessary to lead you to a more authentic and fulfilling life.